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 THE STEPCHILD                 PINK                         NAVY 57%           


NAVY Strength gin originated during the Napoleonic Wars when officers in the Royal Navy were given rations of gin. As gin and gunpowder were both stored in the hold of the ship any spillage of gin could potentially wet the gunpowder and render it useless. It was found that with gin at 57% the gunpowder would still ignite, hence Navy Strength gin, at 57%. 

GINSMITH NAVY 57% is a spirited gin with 7 botanicals. Forward with pink peppercorn, followed by piney notes of juniper, and then grounded with wild rosemary and sage. It is extremely smooth on the palate. It is balanced and well rounded in flavour.

Enjoyed it neat or on the rocks, or with a classic tonic, garnished with rosemary, a black olive, and a twist of citrus peel. It is delicious as a Gin Martini or a Negroni.



This is a complex gin containing 11 botanicals. PINK brings together a delicious combination of roots (orris), leaves (kapok), seeds (cardamom), berries (juniper), citrus fruit (ruby grapefruit) and blossoms (buchu). Ruby grapefruit and juniper are forward, followed by a dance between cardamom and buchu blossom, grounded beautifully by orris and angelica, leaving tantalising echoes of spice on the palate. 

Naturally coloured with black grape skins and will oxidise in time to a beautiful rose'.

Serve long on ice, with classic tonic, and garnish with thinly sliced ruby grapefruit or blood orange, blue berries or cucumber, for a delicious ice-pink gin.



 THE STEPCHILD celebrates the indigenous herbs which grow on our farm. In season we harvest buchu (agathosma Betulina) blossoms which are more subtle in flavour than the very oil rich leaves.


Fennel carries some length with the buchu blossoms and is earthed with kapok (wild rosemary) and mphephu (african sage) which are also harvested on our land.

People passionate about this gin encouraged us to include it in our submissions to the Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits awards. When it was awarded a Gold Medal, we took it to our hearts and called it THE STEPCHILD. 


Serve with a classic tonic, citrus, fresh coriander leaves and some pomegranate pearls.