GINSMITH GINS are distilled using a combination of the one shot method in conjunction and vapour distillation.In the one shot method we macerate the 'harder' botanicals including berries, seeds and roots overnight in the still. 


Before we begin the distillation in the predawn hours of the following day, we hang the more delicate botanicals - blossoms (buchu), citrus (ruby grapefruit zest) and pink pepper corns, in the vapour path in the neck of the still.

We heat the still slowly so as to extract as much of the essence of our botanicals as possible, without changing their character. By dusk we have the 'hearts' of our distillation and a new batch of GINSMITH.

Each batch sits in a tank for a couple of weeks to fully integrate the botanicals. We then cut it to bottling strength with pure water from our mountain spring  NAVY is bottled at 57% and PINK and THE STEPCHILD at 43%. 

GINSMITH gins are unfiltered as we feel filtering would detract from the rich, full botanical profile of our gins and the copper of our still naturally extracts any unwanted compounds