The craft gin industry continues to grow, and has attracted any number of methods of producing 'craft gins'.

GINSMITH is proud to be a truly artisanal micro distillery where we handcraft our gins and are personally involved with the process of distillation and production of our gins. We distill our gins in a traditional method, in a handmade alembic still over fire. This has echoes of alchemical processes described from as early as 100AD. 


Over time we have developed a fine understanding of the process of distillation as well as being intrigued with the sheer magic of the process. As retired psychoanalysts we like to say that we spent 30 odd years symbolically distilling spirit in the consulting room, and now we distill spirit in a more concrete fashion. There are significant parallels between the two processes. 

We have presented a number of 'Meet the Distillers' experiences, for private and corporate events, at lodges, boutique hotels and restaurants. They are a lot of fun, informative, and have been well received.


Optimal number of participants 6 - 20.

Time 2 -4 hours depending on the event.

We explore Gin, the history, types of gin, the crazy times, and the current craft gin craze. 

We use our small 5 litre alembic still to illustrate the process of distillation, and bring samples of botanicals, both classic and those harvested from our fynbos farm.

We do a full gin tasting, neat, with ice and with tonic, followed by the participants choice of G&T.

POA: Please call Colleen 0839466050 or for a proposal.