Conservation and sustainability are core values of the GINSMITH brand. The farm and distillery are off the grid, being powered by the sun and we use pristine spring water which is gravity fed from the mountain.


GINSMITH gins are 'slow' gins. At Tygerkloof distillery, home to GINSMITH, we handcraft our gins in the time honoured, traditional way, using a 300l copper alembic still, over flame.

We hand harvest botanicals from our immediate terroir - kapok (wild rosemary), mpephu (African Sage) and buchu (Agathosma Betulina). Our ruby grapefruit is sourced from a neighbouring farm, and we import our juniper and orris from Tuscany.

We offer educational tasting and training sessions to our clients. We have held many successful trainings in restaurants and lodges around the country.

A couple of rare sightings of the shy cape leopard inspired us to name our farm Tygerkloof and to grace our bottles with its image.

We partner with the Cape Leopard Trust in a variety of initiatives and donate R10 for every bottle sold for their incredible conservation and educational efforts. 



Over a decade ago, we, Colleen Smith and Lesley Clark, retired from our psychotherapy practices in Cape Town to live in the rugged beauty of the mountains bordering on the Groot Winterhoek Wilderness Area.


One summers evening, as we sat on our stoep, gin in hand, we thought "we have a 'terrior' of unique fynbos botanicals, a pristine source of spring water, and we love gin - perhaps we should create a craft gin, unique to our area". And so the idea was born.


Two years later, after training in the art of distillation, and following extensive experimentation and recipe development, this moment of inspiration culminated in the arrival of GINSMITH gins onto the South African craft gin scene.

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